Wednesday 30 January 2008


Welcome to the Auckland Art Gallery staff blog. Here we will be posting info about interests, travel, current projects, likes, dislikes etc etc.

I'll start off. Im the web administrator here at the Gallery. I'm curently planning a trip to Canada in April to attend the Museums and the Web conference in April and plan to post information on here about the trip while im there. I'd love to hear from anyone else attending the conference, from New Zealand or internationally. I received the Elizabeth Yates Grant to attend the conference.


Courtney Johnston said...

Hey Sarah

I'm going to M&W too - and was planning to put out a similar call on ourLibraryTechNZ blog. A bunch of us blogged about Webstock, and I'll be aiming to do the same from Montreal.

Sarah Eades said...

Great news, we will have to meet up amongst the crowds. We can blog away while there so everyone gets a piece of the conference. Jealous about webstock, i couldnt get the cash together to go.