Friday 14 March 2008

Government blog

As here at the Auckland Art Gallery (part of Auckland City Council) we try to adhere to e-government guidelines I was most interested to find that there is now an e-government blog called In Development. Todays post raises the question faced here of whether to have a staff policy for blogging, they have published theirs here.

Post from from a writer of In Development, Lawyer Richard Best:
"On In Development I propose to blog about legal issues and developments relevant to the work of the ICT Branch that I am able to share with the wider community. Needless to say, I have to be fairly careful as to the subject-matter of my posts so as to not breach client confidentiality, but I’ve blogged on legal topics before and am confident that the right balance can readily be struck. I’m open to discussing the content of my posts with others but please bear in mind that I’m not in a position to provide and will not be providing any legal advice to anyone other than my employer, whether through commentary on In Development or otherwise. With that somewhat pesky caveat aside, let the conversation commence."

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Anonymous said...

Its great that you are the only (?) NZ gallery to blog. I am hoping any staff blogging policy doesn't shut you down. Hoping to see more from you and your colleagues online soon