Friday 30 May 2008

World Environmental Day - June 5

Well I'm not sure that art galleries really have a reputation for being "environmentally friendly" but a few of us here at the gallery are trying to encourage others especially for World Environmental Day - June 5. I'm planning on walking or cycling into work as usual and hopefully others will look at more sustainable practices like recycling, not printing out emails unless absolutely necessary...etc..

We are also trying to encourage people to come into the gallery by holding an environmental day competition in association with our exhibition Earth Matters. Come and visit the exhibition (hopefully via and environmentally friendly method of transport) and answer the question

"How does Earth Matters make you think about the planet?'

Entering your answer on the computer in the New Gallery foyer to be in to win a fabulous environmental package containing:

*Huckleberry Farms hamper (good news is they now also have an online store) worth $250
*ecostore Health Home Kit worth over $40

I don't normally go into promotions on blogs but I particularly like being involved in World Environmental Day!

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am getting password challenged from to access the image