Wednesday 9 July 2008

Behind closed doors

Here's a few more photos taken by the brilliant Jennifer French of the currently closed Main gallery building of the Auckland Art Gallery. It shows gallery and back of house spaces after they have been emptied of artwork and staff.

I think it looks so beautiful, i really love these images. An exhibition in themselves!

My old shared office space!


Anonymous said...

how come only the first image links through to the large version? - They look great btw

Anonymous said...

And shouldn't the big versions of these rather nice pics be in a more formal space (like the galleries website image collection) - or even flickr

They desrve better than just lying around a blog - and they need metadata - blogging doesn't absolve us of hard work...

Sarah Eades said...

Dear "Anonymous"
Thanks so much for your commnets. I totally agree that these images need to be shown more and am working on it. We have no flickr area as yet but hope to some time soon.