Monday 8 September 2008

5 days to go.....

Tick tock....the hustle and bustle increases to high speed in the Auckland Art Gallery this week with the opening of the 2008 Walters Prize just a few days away (it opens to the public on Saturday 13 September).

I had a look at the all the installations in progress today and it looks fantastic. The space is full of people getting everything done, preparing walls, installing artwork, adjusting lighting and much more.

I gave you a sneak peak at John Reynolds installing his work Cloud last week, so here is a view of Peter Robinson's work ACK when the artist did a trial installation of the work in the Wellesley Gallery in the main building (before the start of the redevelopment) prior to it's installation at the New Gallery. It was first exhibited in ARTSPACE in 2006.

The lines on the floor map out the exhibition space at the New Gallery so the artist, curator, and preparators can plan the gallery space where these huge pieces of work will be sited and how it will be laid out in the New Gallery.

Photos by John McIver

Next up.....Lisa Reihana

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Great "behind the scenes" post