Tuesday 3 March 2009

Auckland Art Gallery flickr group

I have set up a flickr group for any photos of the Auckland Art Gallery any of you out there might have. This came from a recently browse through Flickr searching for the tag 'auckland art gallery' and finding numerous photos, old and new of the gallery.

So, if you have photos of yourself in front of the gallery, old photos of visits to the gallery, or perhaps you have been following the redevelopment work on the Main Gallery etc. Please add them to this group. I'm not sure what to do with them yet (any suggestions?) but while the main gallery is closed for development its great to see so much of the gallery's history here.

Auckland Art Gallery flickr group

I have also set up a photostream for the gallery, on which i will put all sorts of photos. Including photos from the opening nights of exhibitions, public programmes etc etc. Currently i have uploaded some past exhibition openings to get things started.

Auckland Art Gallery flickr sets

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