Friday 24 April 2009

Marylyn Mayo Intern

Here is our fantastic Marylyn Mayo intern Stephanie McKenzie who wrote this post before she finished her time here at the gallery.

"I am Stephanie McKenzie, the Auckland Art Gallery’s Marylyn Mayo Intern for 2009. The Internship was first offered in 2005 and represents a major financial commitment from Dr John Mayo and the Marylyn Mayo Foundation, as well as a large commitment of the gallery’s staff time and resources. By offering an opportunity for young and established professionals, it fills a gap in an industry where career paths are not always clear. For young professionals such as myself, the Internship provides a chance to quickly gain useful and transferable experience and receive training from some of the most talented and respected people in this industry.

During my three-month contract, I have undertaken research, writing and digitisation tasks for the gallery’s Lindauer Online Project.

Invitation card to the Lindauer Art Gallery, c. 1911

When I was applying for this Internship, I was interested to know what the experience was of previous Interns. Thus, in discussing my observations I hope to inform future applicants and dispel some myths.

Applying for internships and scholarships can sometimes be an intimidating experience. My application required seven different documents, and although this was a time consuming exercise, it was easily achieved and I encourage future applicants to not let this stand in their way. I accepted involvement in the Internship’s gallery assigned project, but an applicant can also suggest a mutually beneficial project for consideration. The gallery offered flexibility around start dates and hours worked, and I received all the normal advantages of sick leave and annual leave. The Internship also offers a stipend and this helped to make it a viable opportunity for me, as well as setting it apart from many other fellowships.

This Internship is a perfect example of the old adage, ‘you get out what you put in’. I took on many enriching tasks beyond those listed in my initial Job Description; these include extra writing for the Lindauer Online website, and organising a donation to the gallery’s library of material relating to patron, Henry Partridge.

Henry Edward Partridge, 1848 – 1931. Image courtesy of Bruce W. Graham

I was embraced by the gallery’s stimulating and collegial environment, have been encouraged to participate in meetings, and staff have gladly accommodated me within their busy schedules. As I near the end of my contract, I find myself a more capable, proactive, inspired and dedicated professional. I am so pleased to have been associated with the good name of the Marylyn Mayo Internship and am grateful for this opportunity. "

Stephanie McKenzie – 7.4.2009

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