Wednesday 27 May 2009

Snapshots - 2

Some local snapshots can be dated by comparison to others of the same family. This family shot must date from the early 1930s as another portrait of the young man third from left is dated 1944, when he was a private in the New Zealand Army. Aged about 22 I would think. The photo is taken by the children's father as a variant print includes the mother. Isn't it odd that family snapshots were frequently taken by the 'man' of the house. A camera was precious and 'Dad' often considered it as his own personal property. Look at how animated this family group is. In the image where their mother is included they are much more serious. Look how they are ranged by both size and age.

On Sunday 7 June at 1pm I will talk about Snapshots - The Vernacular in New Zealand Photography in the Gallery's Art Lounge.

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