Tuesday 2 June 2009

Snapshots - 8

Dreamlands was an incredible place at the Waitakeres. It was established by Mr Le Mans, a well known Christian with a committed social conscience, at his Waiatarua property in Opanuku Road during 1928. I am told by the current owners of Dreamlands that the popular retreat did not really get running until the beginning of World War II, where it was a fantastic temporary home for infirm and injured Aucklanders. There was a 100 metre wide lake at the bottom of the property which was destination place for swimming and rowing. At the water's edge Le Man built a miniature whare. The young boy here has been photographed by his Dad as he rests his dinghy in a pool of light. The photograph's atmosphere is one of being moored within a magical, watery, fairy garden.

On Sunday 7 June at 1pm I will talk about Snapshots - The Vernacular in New Zealand Photography in the Gallery's Art Lounge.

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Two Badgers said...

My grandmother was Esther Leman (note spelling) and we visited Dreamlands with her several times. It was a magical place. The lake was only waist deep (on a ten year old).