Thursday 27 August 2009

Gallery development update

This is the beginning of a series of posts to provide regular updates on the progress of the Auckland Art Gallery's development project. Keeping you up to date on what's happening and showing some images so you can actually see the progress. Please feel free to add comments at the end of this post.

East Gallery Restoration
Restoration and reinstallation of the lantern windows has commenced with arrival of the replacement window section from Canada. Moulds have been made for casting of the replica ornate fibrous plaster ceiling tiles.

Façade Restoration
Façade refurbishment continues with lead-work, copper and gutter restoration currently taking place to both the Wellesley & Kitchener Street buildings. Scaffold was installed to allow access to the top of the clock tower flagpole to replace the pulley and halyard. The clock faces and hands are also undergoing refurbishment.

Wellesley & Kitchener Building
Works are progressing on the internal refurbishment of the existing Wellesley & Kitchener Buildings. The seismic strengthening is completed and works are now underway installing the new services, wall and ceiling linings.

New sections of the building
In the new part of the building, completion of the topping concrete is underway and completion of the ground floor is targeted for mid September. The first of the window for Park-view façade have now arrived and are being installed.

Photos by Jennifer French

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