Monday 14 December 2009

On the first day of Christmas......

A Christmas Art Challenge

Here we go, it begins:

On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
a partridge in a
pear tree

Entries are below, i'll leave it to you, the readers, to decide who the winner is.
Leave a comment to vote.

Paul Comolera, Partridge, bronze
Mackelvie Trust Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, bequest of James Tannock Mackelvie, 1885

This next one is still in copyright so until i figure out if i can display it you need to click the link below:

Fred Graham, He Manu Apo Kai Ngahere, 1995, wood and steel
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, purchased 1995

***New entry****
Apologies for missing this one out :
Pear and Rose by Rene Magritte

and kiwi style:

On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
a pukeko in a
ponga tree

Percy Bagnall, Pukeko, 1919, colour lithograph
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, transferred from the Auckland Public Library, 1932

If you think you can do better, submit your idea for tomorrow (2 Turtle Doves or Two kumera). Remember it must be from our collection and preferably out of copyright so I can show the image.

The winner/s of today's challenge will be announced in tomorrow's post.


Mandy Pandy said...

Partridge by Paul Comolera gets my vote!

Cath said...

Has to be Paul Comolera's Partridge. Fabulous. What an awesome way of getting the collection out and about.

Maybe the winner could form an exhibition for Christmas 2010 and then we can play again online, creating an exhibition for 2011, and so on??

Caroline McBride said...

I vote for the pukeko because he's still standing!

librarykris said...

I vote for the pook too! He looks festive.

Sarah Eades said...

Cath - Nice idea, i'll pass that on. Obviously we are little low on space at the moment, but who knows, when our new building opens in 2011 we may have room for something like this. I pass the suggestion on to the curators.