Thursday 22 April 2010

Horologist returns

A few months ago I did this post on Michael Cryns who looks after our Gallery clock. At the time, when I looked through his collection of photos, showing the inside of the clock from the past to present, there was only one photo of him and the clock together. Michael took this photo (below) himself and as you can see, it doesn't quite do him justice, as it only shows the top of his head.

He recently came in to do an interview with TVNZ for One News (which you can still see here) and I took the opportunity to take some more recent and fitting photos of Michael with the clock he has cared for over the years.
Michael with the beautiful bells in the clock-tower.

Michael with the TVNZ crew and Lee from Hawkins who showed us round.

Here Michael answered my request to show me how the bells chimed.

Climbing down the new ladder from the bell tower past the back of the clock face.

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