Friday 6 August 2010


Well this is my last day at the Auckland Art Gallery and it has been a fabulous 5 or so years. Things in the online space have changed a lot in that time, indeed this blog wasn't even a twinkle in my eye when i started. I truly believe that working online is one of the most challenging but exciting places to work. You never get bored, there is always something new coming out to push the boundaries a little further. I love it and will continue to work online in my new role.

Good luck to the Gallery in all their future project, i know great things will come out of those offices.

Anyway, I'm handing over the blog and look forward to seeing some fabulous posts up here.

Onwards and upwards, I shall miss all the wonderful staff both here and also at the many other institutions around the country that I have met. Thanks for all the wonderful support.

Take Care
Over and out

Sarah xx

p.s i bumped into Gok on my leaving lunch hence the odd leaving photo below! x

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