Tuesday 28 September 2010

21st century blog

One of the most fascinating gallery related blogs has been started locally by the Gallery of Modern Art at Brisbane. It is not always clear what connects with what, texts are frequently separated from artists words, interviews and images.


Such opaqueness of navigation makes this outstanding blog even more intriguing as it appears to be so structured but is, in reality, much more free form. The blog quotes a lot of artists and writers.

Yet, it doesn't really make comments by readers easily accessible to others which is sort of nice, as one's responses seem as if they are being sent to a blog's lost letter depot.

What distinguishes this impressive website is its way of looking outwards. Well beyond the Australian shoreline and the nation's own cities. The blog feels like an updated grandchild of Robert Hughes's writings for TIME magazine because it is so assertively global in its remit. By having such a global focus it invites lots of cross-cultural perspectives. It also looks back and values older writings which is a significant point of difference to its take on artists. Like a mini review of how the present actually has a past beyond yesterday.

Check out the posting for the artist Claude Closky, who maintains that everything about his vocation and achievement as an artist can be contained in his many blogs. I list them here as it is an impressive schedule.


Here is what the 21st century blog says about this artist:
"All you want to know about me is in my blog – Claude Closky. French artist Claude Closky works across a variety of media, including painting, installation, video, and net art, in a signature style that revolves around the concept of conveying information and the connection between ideas and objects. The artist maintains a number of personal websites and a YouTube channel, each of which is copious in its offerings."

Here are Claude's links:

By maintaining a comprehensive presence in social media, Claude is proving that many artists are now employing this information vehicle as a key to their practice or, even more simply, the reality of their practice as media artists.

It is easy to subscribe to the 21st century blog and I reckon that this is one great site to watch.

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