Thursday 14 October 2010

Brian Brake – Lens on the World

In one week, the Brian Brake exhibition opens at Te Papa. I am looking forward to seeing this first monographic show of our most internationally renowned photographer.

Brian began his career working with Spencer Digby at Wellington. It was in this portrait studio that he learnt how to visually understand the amount of light falling on something. Ever after, he never seemed to need a light meter.

Going on to work at the National Film Unit was a shift in direction for Brian where he made some very interesting documentary films. Some are included in the Te Papa exhibition.

Brian had an easy eye for photographic composition that broke out of the more conservative Camera Club mould. The fact that he got on well with people he did not know and that he also had a genial manner made his candid portraiture easy to achieve.

I have read the associated publication. It has some terrific essays with wonderful new research. Congratulations to editor Athol McCredie and his Te Papa team. This is, finally, the book that the late Brian Brake deserves.

Check out the excellent website:


Kiwi Gran said...

I believe this Exhibition is now coming to the Auckland Art Gallery. Do you have any dates?

Richard Wormley said...

Yes, Brian Brake Lens on the World will be coming to the Auckland Art Gallery. We hope to be able to confirm dates early in the new year.