Tuesday 25 January 2011

Thinking outside the box

Well, the holidays are well and truly over - if you're an adult, that is. But school's still out and for the last couple of weeks' the Gallery's been holding its popular school holiday programmes.
Last week's classes were based around one of the artworks in our current Call Waiting exhibition: Ndebele by Terry Urbahn. Inspired by his diorama with its mashup of cultural themes, they made their own dioramas - of their bedrooms.
Tutor Kate Sellar passed on these pictures of some of the children's work - take a look at what they've created: I love how this one includes a window with a beautiful country view. Feathers on the walls, brightly-coloured carpets and curtains - these are some seriously stylish bedrooms!But I think this one's my favourite: funky mismatched patterns, a view out onto a sunny porch and a tiny white dog sitting by the fireplace.
The Gallery runs school holiday programmes throughout the year - keep an eye on our What's On pages for updates.

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