Thursday 28 July 2011

We're in!

With the exception of the Library, shop and Friends staff, we are now ensconced in our new offices inside the Gallery.

There were a lot of boxes to be moved... (and this doesn't include what was sent to be archived)

I've put this next picture of a certain manager's office in for Gallery staff - it's almost unrecognisable all packed up. Visualise stacks of paper covering every available surface (including the floor) and you might be able to identify it!

While it's exciting to be back in the Gallery again, we will miss the view of Aotea Square from the balcony outside our lunchroom:

The trucks start arriving:

It'll be a while before our office spaces are 100% finished but here's a progress shot, taken before movers and IT staff invaded:

I'll post some more progress shots of the gallery spaces soon - or if there's anything specific you'd like to see, comment and let me know!

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