Wednesday 2 November 2011

Hamish Keith

Hamish Keith visited the Gallery today and spoke eloquently about Colin McCahon's 1952 painting On Building Bridges. As well as discussing the importance of the very first work by the artist to enter a public collection, Hamish noted how important this painting has always been to him.

I told Hamish that I was thrilled to be able to show this work from a 30 metre sight-line within our collection exhibition Toi Aotearoa. Sarah Hillary, principal conservator has cleaned the painting and it looks stunning.

I saw the photographer Chris Corson-Scott was present and I asked if he would mind making a portrait of Hamish together with this remarkable painting by Colin McCahon.

Chris Corson-Scott
Hamish Keith 2011
colour photograph


Saskia said...

You did not maybe film the event and can put it online? :)

Ron Brownson said...

Hi Saskia
Hamish's talk was attended by 81 visitors. We did not video it unfortunately. He has made a fascinating TV series called The Big Picture (2007). Your local library can obtain this series for you.