Wednesday 18 January 2012

Christopher Hitchens

Over the New Year break, I re-read many of Christopher Hitchens essays. It is often said that he was the best English essayist of his generation. He was certainly one of the most insightful and challenging cultural commentators.

If you have not read much of Christopher’s work, you can gain an introduction by visiting his website

His essays on Mother Theresa are every bit as shocking as they were when I first read them.

Some recent tributes by Salman Rushdie and Graydon Carter

The Richard Dawkins Foundation indexed tributes

For an interview with Christopher about the life and work of Phil Ochs, see the PBS broadcast

The publication of Christopher Hitchens’s final book, Mortality, has been delayed and will not be available until September 2012.

I gratefully acknowledge John Mahoney for his perceptive photographic portrait of Christopher Hitchens pondering a question following an interview in Montreal on September 23 2008.

The portrait is from Postmedia News files.

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