Wednesday 25 July 2012

Super Sonic Sour Suck! Pop Art sculpture holiday workshop

We had a great time in the studio during our pop art sculpture workshops! We were exploring the way artists Siliga David Setoga and Claes Oldenburg play with the scale of everyday objects like food.
Claes Oldenburg, Dropped Cone, Installed March 2001, Commissioned by Neumarkt Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Siliga David Setoga, Lolly Lei

Setoga’s giant lolly lei was the starting point for this workshop as the children learned construction techniques to build a giant lolly of their very own. The younger children had a great time inventing new names and flavours for their lolly. The older children enjoyed subverting the common names of lollies and other food items to surprise the viewer, like Leo’s Crunchie bar logo becoming 'Crunchme'.

Here are some images of their fantastic work!

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