Thursday 21 February 2013

Guess my scribble

I was met with some unusual glances from adults who participated in a recent drop-in drawing session. Looking at Jae Hoon Lee's Residue, I invited people to make a random scribble on their piece of paper, or I could do it for them, the challenge being that they then needed to turn it into something.

The choice of the work and the abstract pieces in the surrounding galleries seemed ideal for this challenge because we all see something different in the lines, shapes, and patterns that contemporary art confronts us with. This was truly a challenge that embraced multiple perspectives and interpretations.

Visitors created works reminiscent of Kandinsky or Klee, whereas others created undersea kingdoms, mythical creatures and surrealist looking sketches that could have harked from a 70s album cover. While the challenge could have seemed silly, what ended up happening is people let go of that feeling of drawing something that we see, and became really creative and free – their drawings often ending up as something they never predicted.

Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for details of upcoming drop-in drawing events.

- Selina Anderson, Senior Gallery Educator

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