Wednesday 9 July 2014

Meet the 2014 Youth Media Interns

The new Youth Media Interns
Today the Youth Media Interns began a fun-filled journey to produce their own creative short film based around their experiences at Auckland Art Gallery. The interns come from all over Auckland with many different skills and interests. This diversity became very apparent when we were sharing goals that we would like to achieve through the programme. We are excited to see what each member of the group is able to contribute.

A big part of today was the tour. This gave the interns the chance to begin thinking about what they find interesting about the Art Gallery. This helped give them some ideas about what their films might be about. We met some of the staff and were able to hear a little about what role each person played within the Gallery. This ‘behind the scenes’ look was a unique experience.

Dave Bavage, Head of Gallery Development & Visitor Services, speaks to the Interns
Towards the end of the day we discussed the values that will be important while working in teams for the next two weeks. We first individually decided – from the list we brainstormed – which three were the most important. We then paired up and debated which of the six values were the three most important. The pairs then debated in groups of four, then eight, then as one big discussion to decide the final, most important three. These values chosen were:
  1. Open-mindedness 
  2. Constructive 
  3. Imagination 
Open-mindedness, constructive and imagination were the three top values decided by the Interns
The interns were sent away for an afternoon break while the teams were being decided. There was tension in the air as they waited to hear who they would be teamed up with. After watching some inspiring videos the interns were split into their teams to discuss ideas, values and what each member would like to contribute to and gain from the experience.

Individual goal setting
It has been a great start to this year’s programme with everyone being very open and friendly. We are really excited about what is to come…

– Photos and text by Reuben Poharama and Martin Hill, AUT Media Mentors

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