Saturday 13 February 2010

Cut Collective - Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of installation for the Cut Collective crew. I went down and had a look as I was so excited to see what they were doing. It looks fab! The Art Lounge looks like a whole new space. A wall has been built to cover the seating area and provide more space for the work. There were loads of stencils, cans of spray paint in a multitude of colours, ladders and drop-cloths strewn around the room. Some stencil work has already been done to cover the inside walls, and they look great. The colours and shapes are amazing.

Cut Collective are installing part of the work until the 20th February. Then we hope you will come down and see them in action, as they continue to work on the inside and outside walls of the Art Lounge. Well I will stop gushing and just let you look at some of the photos I took.

Hold on, that's not a member of Cut Collective, thats our front of house manager - trying to sneak into the group i think! Richard, you're not fooling anyone by holding up a stencil.

I'll be back on Monday to let you know how they are getting on.

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