Thursday 26 April 2012

Have you seen Degas to Dalí yet?

Degas to Dalí has been getting a great response from our visitors - we're loving hearing the comments made to our Gallery guides, volunteer guides and other front of house staff. In addition to this feedback, everyone who visits the show gets handed an entry form to win a trip to Melbourne, on which we ask them:

‘What would you tell someone, who hasn’t yet been to the exhibition, about Degas to Dalí?’

It seems the artworks on display have our visitors’ creative juices flowing, as some of the answers we’ve seen are downright poetic.

So here, in our visitors’ own words, are 10 great reasons to come and see Degas to Dalí

10. It’s here, now, right in front of your eyes

  • ‘This is a once in a lifetime chance to see the works of the best modern artists in the world.’
  • ‘Go and see it! You rarely see a touring show of this calibre in Auckland.’
  • ‘A wonderful collection of art rarely seen down under!’
  • ‘It's an amazing experience to see the masters' work in real life and to see the scale and textural detail of the work.’
  • ‘The best exhibition to hit town in ages: Broad in scope, informative, intelligently presented. Some truly iconic works!’
  • ‘It is a must-see, and how lucky we are to have an exhibition of this calibre here at a reasonable cost.’
  • ‘Please go - you will see the best of the best and be home in time for tea.’
  • ‘Go! I am so privileged to have seen, first hand, masters' works here in New Zealand. A rare and precious opportunity.’
  • ‘Unprecedented close access to major artists of the period in a coherent precise and relevant order. Must-see show for all.’

9. It’s alive!

  • ‘Really special exhibition, so great to see the works leap out of their frames with aliveness.’
  • ‘You have to see the originals. Even the best copy lacks the "aliveness" of the originals. Amazing!’
  • ‘The atmosphere, from the ticket seller to other members of the public, was warm and friendly. Could go again.’
  • ‘Vivid liveliness of original paintings. One off chance to see work of famous artists.’
  • ‘Just go! The pictures are alive and waiting to enrapture.’

8. There’s art in it. Lots of art.

  • ‘An impressive journey through outstanding areas of art.’
  • ‘Lots of various styles of art so something for everyone.’
  • ‘An amazing walk through time!’
  • ‘A sizzling spin through modern art.’
  • ‘Grand variety of artists of the period.’

7. You’ll learn something new

  • ‘Make a point of seeing this watershed exhibition. It shows you how art changed so much in those crucial years.’
  • ‘Go, see, listen and hear. The artists speak to us through their work, of history, of change, challenge the conflicts of emotion of society, theirs and ours. You'll come away excited by new ideas and with a fresh perspective about our life and our place in this place, New Zealand.’
  • ‘It vividly illustrates the ideas behind the way art has evolved.’
  • Degas to Dalí is not just about artists beginning with D but gives a great presentation and insight into the birth and evolution of modern art.’
  • ‘Ever wondered what happened to painting after the invention of photography? Go to Degas to Dalí and see.’
  • ‘Do Go! It is an exemplary exhibition-stimulating, thought-provoking, captivating.’
  • ‘It’s not only interesting but also very “edumacational”.’

6. It’ll stimulate your senses:

  • ‘A feast of colour and light.’
  • ‘Go, see, listen and hear the artists speak through their work.’
  • ‘You will walk into the gallery and approach the first frame. Your eyes will grow wide and you will quietly mouth "wow!"’
  • ‘I was blown away by the light, the colour, and the knowledge that I was viewing original paintings!’
  • ‘An adventure in colour and time.’
  • ‘It was a real P-art-y for my eyes.’
  • ‘A stunning range of work in gorgeous galleries- the works really sing!’
  • ‘You’ll come away excited by new ideas and with a fresh perspective.’
  • ‘The whole exhibition is enchanting and will lead you into visions of European rich culture, colourful and imaginative beyond words.’
  • ‘The explanations given were enlightening. I was enthralled to learn details of familiar paintings. It gave me new eyes.’

5. It’s something the whole family will enjoy

  • ‘A great introduction to art for my kids aged 9,7 and 5. Beautiful gallery extension.
  • ‘Bring a child - it's wonderful to experience art through their eyes.’
  • ‘Definitely go! Great for the kids also with fabulous interactive spaces. The exhibition makes art easily digestable even for those not inclined to peruse. Fabulous opportunity to see who has shaped what art is.’
  • ‘DON'T MISS IT! A superb exhibition, breathtaking to be in the presence of such masterpieces. Even my teenage son enjoyed it.’
  • ‘If you have teenage children (or any children at all) grab them and take them to it. My 16-year-old daughter was reluctant to come but is coming back with her friends.’
  • ‘It was great to take my mum to this great exhibition.’

4. The building’s not too shabby, either…

  • ‘You must go! What a treat to have such a fabulous collection in Auckland. It's a super excuse to check out the new gallery and all it has to offer.’
  • ‘Superb exhibition almost a spiritual experience. After many visits to the gallery of NSW in Sydney our gallery is so south pacific in its outstanding beauty.’

3. It’s a chance to meet old friends (and make new ones)

  • ‘Degas' brushwork will mesmerize you and that's just the first room!’
  • ‘Outstanding, most of the gang are here!’
  • ‘There is a head with a building inside by Dalí and it's beautiful.’
  • ‘I was thrilled to see a Lowry, my favourite artist.’
  • ‘Enjoy the colours of Van Gogh's Olive Trees.’
  • ‘I knew that Degas’ ballet paintings were good but to see them was just fantastic.’
  • “No better place to see the Scots get an exotic makeover or to glower at a Lowry.”
  • ‘Look for The Lustre Bowl, 1911, by Sir William Nicholson.’
  • ‘Stunning to see the masters’ works in person! Loved the Lichtenstein – grand and exhilarating!’
  • ‘There were many paintings/sculptures I loved and felt touched by, eg Picasso’s Mother and Child.’
  • ‘Really enjoyed the variety and excellence of the exhibition – Warhol’s daschund was worth the price of admission.’

2. It will inspire creative outbursts on your feedback form:

  • ‘Degas to Dalí... delightful, daring, delirious, dazzling, delectable, divine... don't delay.’
  • ‘Delightful Exhibition Giving Absolute Satisfaction To Dedicated Art Loving Individuals.’
  • ‘Green light means GO, red light means STOP and look – treasure this journey into the minds of great artists.’

1. Look, haven’t we convinced you yet? Just go!
  • ‘Go, go, go!! Something for everyone, the ambiance, the quality, all awesome.’
  • ‘Well, naturally I would impore and beseech them to see it too!’
  • ‘Go! Fascinating seeing and reading about the paintings through that era.’
  • ‘JUST GO’

And if you’re now sold on coming to see Degas to Dalí, our visitors have even left some handy tips for you:
  • ‘Be sure to catch the art bites!’
  • ‘Walk through the exhibition twice as by the second time you realise the impact of the art on your mind and soul. Also the gift shop sells great small art replica gifts.’
  • ‘Take plenty of time, as there are a lot more artworks than expected. Appreciate the new art gallery as well.’

Degas to Dalí is open until 10 June. Take a look at our website for information on ticket prices, FAQs, the full list of works and exhibition floorplan, useful tips and resources for visiting with children and more. Everyone who visits the exhibition can enter the draw to win a trip for two to Melbourne, including tickets to Napoleon: Revolution to Empire at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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