Thursday 12 April 2012

Sunday Studio: A Sticker or Dart to help you make art!

Here are some more images of works made by the children in the 6-8 year olds cARTography studio course. The children have been exploring ideas around mapping in art as they think about ways of charting their personal journey from home to the Gallery. We love the colours the children have chosen to use for their works. They are so vibrant and energetic, and give a real sense (we think!) of how excited they are about coming in to the studio on the weekends!

Our second studio session was spent looking at the works and processes of the artists known as Boyle Family. Mark and Joan (father and mother) work collaboratively with their children Sebastian and Georgia (Mark passed away in 2005 and Boyle Family continue to make and exhibit collaboratively).

The Gisborne Triptych (1990) was a great work for the children to look at for our investigation into mapping in art. Partly because of the unique way Boyle Family make three dimensional casts of the surface of the earth to record and document sites, but also because of the process they use in the 'random' selection of these sites. In the case of their works in World Series (from 1968) 1000 sites were chosen at random by visitors to the artists’ studio and the ICA exhibition. Participants were blindfolded and either threw a dart or fired an air rifle at an unseen wall-sized map of the world, which now forms part of the work itself.

The children loved this idea! We decided as a group that perhaps darts and air rifles might not be the best choice for our work in the Gallery, and settled on closed eyes and colourful stickers to help us randomly select sites in the Gallery to document.

Once we had randomly selected places to go, we split into two groups and headed off with our map and our camera to document an interesting texture at each site as way of representing the Gallery through a collection of colours, materials and textures.

Here are some of the great shots taken by our 6-8 year old students!

These images will form the basis for a collaged map of the Gallery inspired by the work of Boyd Webb in the next studio session!

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Mandy said...

That's such a great idea Andrea! I can't wait to see the collages the children create. This must have been a very inspiring session for the children.