Friday 29 June 2012

Tales from the Cloakroom

The majority of our blog entries come from back-of-house staff. But if you're after 'better work stories' the best place to go is our talented team of Gallery Guides. With visitors from all walks of life coming through the doors every day, they've all got stories to tell of an unusual encounter or a truly bizarre question.

Just as a taster, here's a list of the strangest things visitors have checked into the cloakroom:
  • An empty bowl of noodles
  • Half a beer
  • A large bowl of hummus
  • A herb garden in a bucket
  • Shoes
  • A ceremonial axe
  • A giant helium balloon
  • Many bunches of flowers
  • A whole raw fish
I guess we should be grateful none of these made it into the galleries! Thanks to Bella Burgess for compiling the list to date.

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