Wednesday 9 April 2008

Back to the future for a minute or two

Backtracking a bit to my trip to the Art Gallery of Greater Vancouver that I saw while on Vancouver Island.

As well as the usual collection exhibitions I also saw an amazing installation by Graeme Patterson called Woodrow. This contained a number of building structures, animals and people made in miniature and inside the buildings there were animations being shown of stories which re-create an imaginative view of the real-life village of Woodrow, Saskatchewan (in the middle of Canada apparently, from the installation, not the busiest of places).

The stories were totally amazing, from men hiding each others underpants to a deer and a monkey chasing each other through the town with the help of a ghost subway train. The animations were totally beautiful and although some of the creatures were a bit spooky there was so much humour as well. Totally enthralling and surprising in this gallery that proves never presume what you will see in an institution from it’s size or proximity.

Graeme Patterson, The Deer, 2006, wood, foam, foam-core, fur, rubber, electronics, Collection of the Artist

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