Wednesday 9 April 2008


Bonjour à tous de Montréal
Finally I arrive at the heart of my visit to Canada, the beautiful French/English city of Montreal. The city seems much grittier and older than Vancouver. It certainly has a French air to it and everyone seems to walk just that little bit slower.

I have managed to brush up on my school French and therefore have not starved. Some places seem to speak English and some French but I am trying to use as much French as possible. As my first day was a Monday of course all galleries/museums were closed so I gave myself a tour of as much of Montreal as I could. Here is a few photos.

Viex Montreal (Old Montreal) with its lovely buildings, churches and cathedrals

Marche Bon Secours (1846) in Vieux Montreal

McGill University, the snow, and a sculpture of founder James McGill surveying the land. A beautiful university which holds the Redpath Museum of zoology, geology and ethnological pursuits (image below). The taxidermied animals here were fantastic, and the huge Albertoaurus skeleton in the centre was certainly intimidating.

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