Wednesday 24 July 2013

Lets get filming!

Youth Media Interns interviewing Assistant Curator, Mathew Norman.  Photo: Vivien Masters, Gallery Educator
Today the Interns began to film, finally putting their ideas and concepts to the test, and to the big screen! However, today was a little different, as the teens were in total control. It was purely their responsibility to step up, manage themselves, have a good grasp of time management, make sure their filming is relevant to their proposed question – also keeping in mind their own individual roles and requirements. Along side of this, they were given guidelines on what and what not to film:

Here’s a list of what they couldn’t do in the gallery:
  • Use hairspray (As this can damage the work) 
  • Use strong lighting (This can also damage the work) 
  • Use a tripod (This can be dangerous) 
  • Film an artwork without permission (Copyright issues) 

Youth Media Interns practising using their new tools.  Photo: Vivien Masters, Gallery Educator
Jade Lucas, the Gallery's Communications Coordinator was kind enough to get down to the nitty gritty of copyright issues, ensuring the interns had permission forms ready for anyone who they filmed to sign. Then with a brief overview of filming protocols by Sarah and Jacques, the teens were ready to create their shoot lists, and to be issued their equipment for shooting.

The interns learnt today how important the past three days have been. The many hours that were put into goals, values, storyboarding, and tutorials, all lead up to and help make this entire filming process that much easier. Keeping in mind that there is quite a lot of pressure to ensure they got all their desired shots, and that its better to have more footage than you need, opposed to not having enough.

Interns filming Principal Conservator Sarah Hillary in her  lab. Photo: Vivien Masters, Gallery Educator
Each group filmed in the public gallery spaces, and back of house for the interviews with staff. Each of the groups had to organize interviews prior to today, ranging from many different specialties within the gallery:
  • Zara Stanhope – Principal curator 
  • Mathew Norman – Assistant Curator 
  • Robbie Butterworth and Selina Anderson – Senior Gallery Educators 
  • Jack Hadley and Helen Finlayson – Gallery Guides 
  • Sarah Hillary – Principal Conservator 

The teens were lucky enough to have twenty minutes to interview different staff members, and to gain further insight, knowledge, opinions and suggestions towards their proposed questions. Four hours of straight filming made it the most intense, full on and busiest day yet for the interns.

Tomorrow the interns begin editing!

- Waimarie Dashper, AUT Media Mentor

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