Thursday 25 July 2013

The Interns begin editing

Post-production is a major part of any film. Editing takes up a lot of time, which is why we allocated one day for filming and a day and a half for editing. The interns are in at AUT today, using the resources available there.

Today I thought I would introduce the interns, and get their perspective on how this week has gone…

Group One: The Groovesters
Question: 'What is the Value of perceiving art?'
Photo: Waimarie Dashper, AUT Media Mentor

Group 2: Hinoliee
Question: 'What do children think and feel about art?'
Photo: Rachael Short, AUT Media Mentor

Group Three: The Pickles
Question: 'What is the importance of viewing original art work in the flesh?'
Photo: Waimarie Dashper, AUT Media Mentor
Group Four: Gender Group
Question: 'How does the gender of an artist effect how view an artwork?'
Photo: Waimarie Dashper, AUT Media Mentor

The overwhelming message from all the groups was how much fun they were having. Being pushed out of one’s comfort zone is never easy but they have all shown maturity these past few days. Yesterday was intense and fast paced and today was no different. I think that the interns where feeling some pressure as even though there isn’t that much time to make everything perfect, there is always a lot involved.

Editing is new to most of the teens, although some have been involved with it before. One girl had experience from being involved in the 48-hour film challenge with her school, even coming third in her category, not bad for a group of high school students!

What myself and the other mentors, both staff and AUT, have been happily surprised with this week is the level of intelligence and thoughtfulness of the teens. The ways that they’re all approaching their films, taking on everything they have been taught, and utilising their skills has been awesome. Even the topics that they have chosen to explore is interesting, their take on situations within the gallery is different from say a staff member’s perspective and we are all excited to see the finished films!

They all agree that this is such a great opportunity and I think it shows. When you actually want to be somewhere, when you are engaged enough in what you are doing, when you are given free reign to create what you like, you approach projects in positive ways. It is different from school, which with its structured lessons and planned timetables – there aren’t many subjects that allow space for self-directed learning.

This internship has given the Interns a taste for what university life can be like, and how technology and creativity can go hand in hand. One girl commented that the internship was exceeding her expectations, and that she hadn’t expected to be given as much freedom as she was. Many of the Interns understood that this internship is more about the process that the product; that their personal growth and experience is equally if not more important than how their films will look.

- Rachael Short, AUT Media Mentor

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