Monday 22 July 2013

Question time for the Youth Media Interns

Youth Media Interns in their new group. Photo: Waimarie Dashper
On the second day of the Youth Media Internship the teens were split into four groups of three, depending on what their goals where from the previous day. Strategically, Selina and Vivien wanted to pair together people whose strengths and weakness would complement each other. As the Interns will all be given a role within their groups, this way, skills will hopefully be evenly distributed and everyone can achieve the personal goals that they have set.

Interns choosing their Values. Photo: Waimarie Dashper
Before we decided on questions, the teams were asked to develop some values to stick to. Honesty, staying open-minded and humour where really popular. We really want to make this week as fun as possible even though it will also be very full-on.

We had the Gallery Education team come in and introduce themselves. Leading on from the messages the staff we met yesterday said, they really emphasised taking a path that you love, staying motivated, and pursuing all the opportunities that come your way. Hearing this again had a positive effect on both the teens and the mentors, as when you are at that deciding stage of what to actually do with your life, being able to see where your interests can lead you is a major help.

Interns devising their question, which they will base their film on. Photo: Waimarie Dashper 
 Question forming took up the majority of the day. I think that the teens have surprised all of the Mentors and Gallery staff involved by the questions they have chosen to answer. After a lot of head scratching and brain straining, all four groups came up with exciting questions.

The four questions are:
  • What is the value of preserving art? 
  • What do children think and feel about art? 
  • What is the importance of viewing original artwork in the flesh? 
  • How does the gender of an artist affect how you see the art? 
Exciting times ahead…

- Rachael Short, AUT Media Mentor

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